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Medical Copywriting Services

I offer quality medical copywriting services that help you achieve your project goals. 


Medical Copywriting 

  • HCP-facing healthcare advertising (such as detail aids and leave leave-behinds)

  • Patient-facing promotional copies

  • Content copywriting (for websites and blogs)

  • Promo-educational materials

  • Website copywriting for health businesses and healthcare professionals

  • Product-related materials 

  • Practice tools and training

  • Advertorials

  • SEO-optimized articles and blog posts

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Well-balanced . Compliance . Compelling
Medical Copies

I value your trust tremendously. So, my goal for every medical copywriting project I take on is to make your experience with me valuable and create copies that help you achieve your project goals.


So, when you hire me, I thoroughly research the subject matter and read your briefing materials to position your product/services as credible and trustworthy.


I use high-quality health information to write well-balanced and action-driven yet engaging health copies to help build trust in your audience, encourage them to take action, and generate interest in your brand.


I write medical copies aligned with ethical medical principles and your brand integrity and guidelines.

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Why hire me to write your medical copies?

I have the right health and medical qualifications and experience to successfully deliver any medical copywriting project.

I have an MD from Tehran University of Medical Sciences and a Master of Science in Medical Science from the University of Toronto. I also have a post-doctoral research certificate in neuroscience from the University of Toronto and a certificate in health and medical copywriting from the Health Writer Hub. I have also successfully completed Holly Hagan's Top Medical Copywriter course. 

Medical and science education

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My medical/science background gives me a solid foundation of knowledge to learn about any health and medical topic rapidly and efficiently.

Strong foundation of knowledge

My clinical research experience has given me invaluable research skills. I am highly skilled in scoping, reading, and reviewing health literature. More importantly, I am skilled in finding high-quality information from high-authority sources to write accurate and credible medical copies.


Also, I am skilled in on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and keyword research. This skill allows me to create high-quality, optimized content that is search-engine friendly yet engaging to your audience.


I am also familiar with ethical considerations for health communication and required regulations for medical copies (such as PAAB). I use this knowledge to write well-balanced compliant medical copies that align with ethical and regulatory recommendations.

Practical skills

I have worked on various medical copywriting projects during my medical writing career, including content copies for health businesses and product-related materials aimed at HCPs and patients. 


In addition, my ongoing experiences with art (such as drawing and digital art) fuel my creativity. I use my creativity to think out of the box and meet your project's specific requirements.

Relevant experience

To sum up, my medical/health credentials and knowledge, combined with my skills and experiences, make me a medical copywriter to deliver your medical copywriting projects timely and successfully.

Interested in working together on your medical copywriting projects?

Send an email to or click on the button below. Let's take your medical writing projects to the next level.

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