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Editorial Writing Services

I offer quality editorial writing services that meet your needs and help you achieve your project goals. 

Editorial Writing

  • Patient stories

  • Editorial articles

  • Medical news

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As a medical doctor, writer, and avid reader, I understand the power and importance of patient stories and editorial articles in informing readers and encouraging action.


A compelling story captures the person’s experiences and maintains the reader's attention, inspiring them to make healthy changes in their lives.

I hold editorial projects in high regard, and they are among my favourite undertakings. When you entrust me with your editorial projects, I commit to crafting stories that vividly communicate the interviewee's experiences and engage your readers.

My process involves thorough preparation before interviews, including background research on the topic and crafting thoughtful questions. During the interviews, I provide a safe and open space for interviewees to share their stories.


Afterwards, I employ my storytelling skills to create an engaging, clear, and accurate editorial article that resonates with and connects to the readers.

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Accurate . Clear . Engaging
Editorial Writing

Why hire me to write your editorial projects?

I have the right combination of knowledge, skills, and experiences to write your editorial articles and patient stories successfully.

I have an MD and a Master of Science in medical science from the University of Toronto.

Medical and science education

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My science and medical education allow me to learn any medical topics rapidly.

I also practiced medicine as a family doctor for two years and did clinical research for five years. Working with clinicians, other healthcare providers, and patients over those years has provided me with skills to communicate with these individuals easily and create a safe, open environment that encourages them to share their stories and expertise.

Strong foundation of knowledge

In medical school, I wrote health articles for other medical students based on medical lectures and also wrote the news column for my class's magazine. During my medical practice and clinical research, I interviewed many patients and experts to conduct my work.


Also, as a medical writer, I have covered medical conferences as a medical journalist and interviewed many patients to write their stories. 

Practical skills

I have covered several medical conferences as a medical journalist. In addition, I have interviewed several patients and written their stories to educate and inspire readers. 

Relevant experience

To sum up, my education and experience in the past decade make me an efficient medical writer who can complete your editorial projects timely and successfully.

Need a medical writer to cover your editorial writing projects??

Don't hesitate to send me an email at or click on the button below. Let's take your editorial writing projects to the next level.

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