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Quality Medical Writing Services

I offer quality medical writing services that meet your needs and help you achieve your project goals. 

I use my research skills to find evidence-based information, my strong knowledge foundation to understand the topic, and my writing skills to transform complex information into accurate and engaging deliverables. 

Easy-to-read, accurate, and engaging patient education materials that educate, inspire, and encourage patients to make healthy decisions. 

Well-balanced, compliant, and compelling medical copies that help you connect with your audience and inspire your desired actions.

Engaging, clear, and accurate editorial articles and patient stories that communicate interviewees' experiences and aim to educate, inspire, and connect with readers.

Do you need my support for your medical writing projects? Send me an email by clicking on the button below. 

Targeted and client-focused medical writing services

I value your trust tremendously, and I want the service you purchase and the time you spend with me to be an investment.


So, I work hard to understand your project goals and audience to produce writing that connects with your audience and conveys your messages.


Before putting the pen on paper, I research every topic thoroughly and study hard to understand the topic. Then I obsess over every sentence and paragraph to deliver quality writing.


Good writing has power! Power to bring your more recognition, engage your audience, and inspire action. I want all that for you and keep them in mind while working on your projects.


I value professional relationships significantly, so I keep the communication lane open to make your experience working with me enjoyable.


I promise quality, and I deliver.

Why hire me to write your medical writing projects?

I have the right combination of credentials, skills, experiences, and aptitude to deliver any medical project successfully.

Medical and science education

I have an MD from Tehran University of Medical Sciences, a Master of Science in medical science from the University of Toronto, and a post-doctoral certificate in neuroscience from the University of Toronto.

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Solid foundation of knowledge

To get my MD, I studied different health conditions, from basic physiology to complex treatment plans. Studying hard for years has given me a strong knowledge foundation and skills to rapidly understand any medical topic. 

Practical skills

Eight years of studying medicine, two years of practicing as a family doctor, and five years of studying and conducting clinical research, and several years of working as a medical writer have given me invaluable skills to excel in medical writing.


I am highly skilled in researching a topic, finding evidence-based information, and assessing its quality. In addition, I am an expert in transforming complex medical information into clear, accurate, and engaging content.

Extensive experience

My love of writing and medical communication has led to completing many medical projects since medical school.


In medical school, I wrote dozes of medical notes for students and two textbook chapters in the fields of radiology and microbiology. I also translated the endocrinology section of Harrison’s Internal Medicine textbook into Farsi. On the creative side, I wrote a news column for my class's magazine and content for my class's website.


During my family medicine practice, I created educational courses for my physician assistants and delivered talks for my patients. 


As a clinical researcher, I wrote many research documents and scientific materials to share my research with clinicians and scholars. These included study protocols, consent forms, slide decks, manuscripts, abstracts, and posters.


Since I started my medical writing business, I have completed many educational and promotional projects. These projects include educational materials for patients and the public, promotional copies for healthcare marketing aimed at healthcare professionals and patients, editorial articles and patient stories among others. 

To sum up, my experiences over the past decade make me a medical writer who can complete your medical writing project timely and successfully.

Your medical writing project: How it works?

STEP 1: Send me an email

Start by sending me an email about your project and your company. The more you tell me about your writing needs, the better. 

I will reply to you to schedule a time to have a quick call. 

STEP 2: You and I discuss the project

In this initial call, you and I get the chance to talk and see if the project is a good fit. Then, I will ask you questions about the project to get a clear idea of what you need and the project goals.

Also, depending on the project, I may ask for a content brief, previous similar samples, or any other information that may be useful to get a crystal-clear picture of the project.

STEP 3: I scope the project

I scope the project based on the information from the initial call and provide you with a quote.

The quote includes all the tasks involved in the project, including background study, literate review (if needed), creating an outline, writing, revising, and editing. These tasks vary based on the project.

STEP 4: I create a proposal

Once you accept the quote, I will create a detailed proposal for most projects. The proposal includes the project overview, tasks, responsibilities, project specifics, deadlines, and the quote.

I will send the proposal to you for approval.

STEP 5: I write the first draft

Once the proposal is signed, I will start working on the first draft. I research and write the project independently and will send you the first draft.

During working on the project, I will communicate with you regularly to update you and ask you questions if I have any.

STEP 6: You send me feedback and I finalize the project

Once I get your feedback, I will edit the writing accordingly. All of my services include two rounds of reviews. The duration of these revisions varies for each project.

Once you are happy with the revised draft, the project is done.


Ready to take your medical writing projects to the next level?

Send an email to or click on the button below.

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