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CME Writing Services

I offer quality CME writing services that meet your needs and help you achieve your project goals. 

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

  • CME courses

  • CME conference materials ( such as slide decks, posters, and infographics)

  • Needs assessments manuscripts 

  • Needs assessments surveys

  • CME content plans

  • Case studies

  • Online educational materials

  • HCP-facing articles, blogs, or interviews

Do you need my support for your CME projects? Send me an email by clicking on the button below. 

Accurate . Evidence-based . Engaging
CME writing

As a medical doctor, I know that CME is vital for increasing knowledge, skills, and performance of healthcare professionals to do their responsibilities effectively.


CME materials are an integral part of healthcare professionals’ ongoing education.


Good CME materials are evidence-based, well-balanced, and free of commercial bias.


When you hire me to write your CME materials, I keep the need of your audience in mind, and I work hard to write scientifically accurate and engaging CME content.

I am available to work collaboratively with advisors or independently on CME projects. 

Why hire me to write your CME materials?

I have the knowledge, skills, and experiences to tackle any CME project successfully.

I have an MD. I also have a Master of Science in medical science and a post-doctoral research certificate in neuroscience from the University of Toronto. 

Medical and science education

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My medical education and practicing medicine as a family doctor for two years give me a solid scientific/clinical foundation to learn about new therapeutic areas and disease states rapidly.

Strong foundation of knowledge

I have worked with many healthcare professionals (HCP) in the past decade, so I’m familiar with the scientific language that resonates with them and the healthcare environment.


In addition, five years of clinical research alongside clinicians have trained me in literature review and reference management. As a result, I’m highly skilled in finding evidence-based scientific information, appraising its quality, and correctly citing it. That allows me to write CME materials that are accurate, well-balanced, free of bias and aligned with the current evidence-based recommendations.

Practical skills

I have worked on accredited and non-accredited CME courses, conference materials, and needs assessments for various healthcare professionals.

Relevant experience

In summary, my knowledge and experiences grant me the skills to transform complex scientific information into evidence-based, engaging CME content to meet educational objectives and provide value to your audience.

Ready to work together on your CME projects?

Email your project information and writing needs to or click on the button below. Let's take your CME projects to the next level.

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