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Meeting Report Writing Services

I offer quality meeting report writing services that meet your needs and help you achieve your meeting objectives.

Advisory board meeting 

  • Meeting reports (live and virtual meetings)

  • Executive summaries

  • Asynchronous meeting reports

Do you need my support for your advisory board meeting reports? Send me an email by clicking on the button below. 

As a medical writer, I know the importance of advisory meeting reports. A good report records the unbiased advice of the experts, informs team members about the meeting discussion and decisions, and provides insights/strategies for future action steps.

When you hire me to cover your advisory board meeting, I will work hard to create a meeting report that reflects the important details of the meeting in addressing your objectives.

I prepare myself before the meeting by researching the topic and reviewing the meeting objectives.

Then I use my note-taking skills to capture the essential details of the meeting discussions and my writing skills to create clear, accurate, and readable reports. 

Accurate . Readable . Concise
Meeting Reports

Why hire me to write your advisory meeting reports?

I have the right combination of knowledge, skills, and experiences to write any of your advisory meeting reports successfully.

I have an MD and a Master of Science in medical science from the University of Toronto.

Medical and science education

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My science and medical education allow me to learn any medical topics rapidly.

I also practiced medicine as a family doctor for two years and did clinical research for five years. Working with clinicians and other healthcare providers over those years has given me a solid foundation of knowledge to easily understand/follow any medical discussion, which allows me to take notes efficiently. 

Strong foundation of knowledge

In medical school, I wrote dozens of medical notes for students. So, I’m highly skilled in taking notes and turning those into quality reports based on your objectives and meeting goals.


Also, as a former researcher, I’m an expert in reviewing and analyzing medical/scientific information. This skill enables me to write concise reports that capture the important details of the discussion and craft relevant strategies for your future decisions.

Practical skills

I have covered both online and virtual meetings. In addition, I have written meeting reports, executive summaries, and strategy suggestions in different formats.

Relevant experience

To sum up, my education and experience in the past decade make me an efficient medical writer who can write your advisory meeting reports timely and successfully.

Need a medical writer to cover your advisory board meeting reports?

Don't hesitate to send me an email at or click on the button below. Let's take your advisory board meeting reports to the next level.

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